Hello and welcome to my personal blog,

My name is Zacharias Tzermias and I currently live in Heraklion, Greece.
I studied Computer Science in the University of Crete, and I currently work on a well-known research institution. If you need further information concerning my work and studies, you can visit my professional profile in LinkedIn. I also maintain a GitHub account for my various coding activities.
Apart from computers, my interests include photography, cycling and cars.

So, why the heck did I start another blog?
I would say that the main reason is to share findings and experiences with various things that I tackle with. Thus, the blog won't have a specific "main" topic.
The idea of a personal blog wasn't new. It was on my mind for a couple of years now, but I hesitated to start it. Hopefully I did!
Posts would be written mostly in English.

The blog is based on this theme from Pavel Makhov.

Enjoy your stay!